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"The Raina Cleaning" is just one of the many names clients use to describe the results she delivers to them. Raina started in the cleaning industry in 2008 while living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania before moving back to NYC. In 2012, Raina was one of the first cleaners HomeJoy onboarded immediately while launching in NYC. It was later in 2012 that she realized her passion and gift for cleaning. Once Homeaglow closed down in 2014, she was immediately contacted by Handy because of her 5-star reviews and hired on the spot. Raina's Vip Cleaning isn’t your typical cleaning service. Raina is what you refer to as the "Cleaning Specialist"she is very knowledgeable about her line of work, meticulous, non-judgmental, and has an eye for detail while taking great pride in her work. As a kid, if Raina didn't like how her room was, she would make it messy just so she could fix it up neater. It's now as an adult that she has come to the realization that she has OCD and gets a kick out of cleaning; she often refers to it as her "zen." Raina is determined to make sure every client receives "Vip Tailored" services and will make suggestions of where improvements can be made. Each client receives customized cleaning kits to avoid cross-contamination of germs and bacteria from one home to the next. Raina makes eco-friendly products that will leave your space sanitized and smelling good. From her 5-star reviews to online recommendations, Raina's Vip Cleaning is anything but your ordinary cleaning service. 



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